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Ancient Masters Meditation with Grandmaster Mingtang Xu September 23rd to September 25th and personal student on the 26th. In the Healing Arts Qigong Center in Tucson AZ.

This will be similar to a three day retreat of training

Cost is $432 after August 15th $378 for early registation.
From 9am to 6pm all 4 days.

Event Limited to 40 Students.

Ancient Master Meditations registration form click here

Paypal button to pay is below.

Note: A deposit of $54 will lock in your place.

Balace due as soon as posible.

The deposit paypal button is listed first

Zelle or Venmo may be used to save fees

using my Email Qigongmark@yahoo.com or

Cell 520 404 8745


Other products

10 ZY Qigong class pass
is good for 12 months from purchase.

5 ZY Qigong class pass is good for 7 months from date of purchase

Both may be used for guests as well.

$20 Options has Grandmaster Mingtang teaching level 1 Dvd

Zy Qigong books may be purchased from Amazon.com

Ancient Master Meditations
10 Class pass $80.00
$15 Options
$20 Options
$25 Options
$28 Complete Guide to Energy Foods Vol 1 by Yanling Lee Johnson

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