Zhong Yuan Qigong in Tucson

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Zhong Yuan Qigong Level One

and Two Intensive in Healing

Arts Qigong Center .


 This is a ZY Qigong level one and two

intensive training to teach you all

the preliminary and main exercises

to be able to practice qigong, either

on your own or with the regular

class every 
Thursday. This is for those

who want to l
earn an empowering

and ancient system  
with mystic

developing  qualities.

Those who are healers Qigong helps greatly in any healing modality from acupuncture to massage including energy workers.
 Zhong Yuan Qigong is a complete system and  belongs to the highest levels  of qigong schools.
 It  originates from the Shaolin Tempe
area and  is thousands of years old.

  This is my first intensive  class in my new Healing Arts Qigong Center the energy in it is suportive and a high energy fills the Center, it should be a very fun and Qi filling intensive.
   You will learn all level one exercises and heart opening meditations in this 16 hour intensive.
 Develop your mind power and discover how to change your Jing into Qi. Lift your spiritual consciousness, strengthen your emotions and increase vitality. 
 ZY Qigong will help you to
achieve a calm mind and body.
 You will have a clear understanding
and a certification in Level one Zhong Yuan  Qigong.


Space is limited

Class led by: Certified Qigong Teacher Mark Frighetti

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 January 18th and 19th 2020

10am to 6:30 pm

cost $170.00






Harvest Moon Qigong

This was a fun event over 30 peole shared their qi and got a moon glow on!
See you next year.


I am cordially inviting you to enjoy an annual tradition since 2005,

On the night of the Harvest Moon
I teach a qigong exercise called

Scooping the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea”

All levels and experience are welcome.

This year the Harvest Moon falls on Saturday, Sept 14th 2019

It will be at McCormick Park on Columbus just south of Ft Lowell,

We gather at the NE corner on the other end of the park, opposite Columbus road

Moonrise and Qigong starts around 7:15 pm.

Bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on afterward. It lasts about an hour.

Relax and get a “Moon Glow on.”

Love Mark Frighetti

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